A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It (Way 1000)

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What is murder, and how does one commit murder?

Murder: “The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

Premeditated: “(of an action, especially a crime) thought out or planned beforehand.”


When one commits murder, He/She had beforehand, thought or planned to carry out the unlawful act. We are not talking about premeditated killings today, not on this post. We are talking about A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone's Death Without even Knowing It. Yes,  it is possible to cause someone’s death and not know it. Let’s face the fact, you have probably caused someone’s death by your actions and or in-action. No one is calling you a murderer here, don’t get me wrong. I mean, you didn’t even think or planned of it, neither did you even know you killed someone. So how could you possibly be a murderer? Feel good now? Ok, good. Let’s proceed to finding out how one could possibly cause the death of someone, without even knowing or possibly finding out about it. Learning how your actions and in-actions could cause someone’s death can help you prevent it, thereby, saving a life. Here we go!

(Disclaimer: The YOU, I, THEM, THEY, HE or SHE pronouns in this content, is not referring to YOU or any other person reading this article. And as such, it doesn't imply that you did or didn't do anything written in this article of A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It) 

A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It

By Your Action (Way 1000)

Most people love eating bananas. According to research, more than 400 million people consume over 100 billion bananas yearly. I’m guessing you love bananas, too. But do you know  that your love for bananas could cause someone’s death, if you are a careless, and worst, an unorganized type?  Imagine you are in a public place, you saw a ripe good looking banana. Money is not the problem, so you walked few steps to buy the fruit. On your way home, you took a look at the banana and how inviting it looks, and you couldn’t just wait to get to your destination, before having them. So, you peeled off and ate few bananas as you walk.

As an unorganized and careless person, you threw the banana peels on a pedestrian road, and even some, on stairs. You walked home to your loved ones, not minding what negative impact your action could cause to an un-noticing person. 

Someone is about to become a victim of your carelessness. A handsome young man, who just received a letter of appointment, after many years of job hunting. Full of happiness, he was walking home to broadcast the good news to his family. On his way home, and not watching his steps, he stepped on the banana peel you left on the stairs; going down with his head hitting a stair.  He was rushed to the hospital by good samaritans, where he was confirmed dead by a doctor, due to a serious damage to his head. Your action has just caused a young man his life, and sorrows to his family.


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