A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It (Way 999)

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(Disclaimer: The YOU, I, THEM, THEY, HE or SHE pronouns in this content, is not referring to YOU or any other person reading this article. And as such, it doesn't imply that you did or didn't do anything written in this article of A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It) 

A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It

By Your Inaction (Way 999)

Social Media, according to a dictionary, is defined as "websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking". Billions of people use social media. Studies shows that 49% of the world's total population uses social media. Some use it for fun, some use it to share information, some use it to grow their businesses, some use it to connect and make new friends. Sadly, there are some who uses social media to share others misfortunes. Imagine you were walking by the road side, and you saw a crowd. You walked into the crowd to know what was going on; a young lady has just been hit by a speeding vehicle.

That is an unfortunate moment for the lady, as she lays there, unconscious but still breathing. People walk to the scene, takes picture and walks away. A single dial to 911 or other emergency number could have resulted to an early arrival of an ambulance/medical professionals, which could have helped to save a life. But, just like others, you walked to the scene, (with no intention of making a difference) took some pictures and walked away, leaving the dying lady to her fate. "After all, she's surrounded by people, they will help her". 

They will help!  The same statement made by 90% of people who had left the scene before you; people who are just like you.  You could have stepped up, call others to help you take her to the nearest hospital, or simply dial an emergency number and save a life. But, you choose to take pictures for social media. 10 minutes later, a good samaritan arrived the scene and unlike you, decided to make a different. He took out his phone and dialed the emergency number. An ambulance arrived the scene 10 minutes after they received the call. Unfortunately, the lady had just passed on.

Of cause, you are not responsible for her death. You did not kill her, that's for sure, but she died because you choose not to act. Your inaction is responsible for her death. This is not just a writing for content sake. This has happened and still happening. Like we earlier stated, social media can be used to share and spread information. This includes bad, good and motivational information. Imagine if you took a picture or record a video of yourself trying to save a life. You will probably end up saving a life, share the moments on social media to motivate others to do the same. 

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