A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It (Way 998)

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Sharing information is a good thing. It helps people know what's happening and where, stay updated on current affairs and also, make informed decision, where it concerns them. But, how about sharing false information? How destructive could that be? Well, you are about to find out. 

(Disclaimer: The YOU, I, THEM, THEY, HE or SHE pronouns in this content, is not referring to YOU or any other person reading this article. And as such, it doesn't imply that you did or didn't do anything written in this article of A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It)

A Thousand Ways To Accidentally Cause Someone’s Death Without Knowing It

By Your Action (Way 998)

False information is a very dangerous and destructive weapon, especially when it's been shared and wide spread across social media platforms. It can tarnish one's image, totally destroy one's reputation. Heck, it can even cause one to commit suicide. Imagine you went to the market to get something for dinner. You saw a handsome looking young pastor, receiving the beating and disgrace of his life by angry mob, who were reacting to false accusation. You got close to find out what crime the pastor has committed; he was accused of rape. Without hesitation or further verification, you brought out your iPhone. Lucky for you, your phone camera is very sharp. Sharp enough to capture that person’s reputation that you are about to tarnish. 

After recording the innocent man, being beaten and disgraced for a crime he never committed, you saved the video for further destruction. You head back home after buying what you went for. You are about to prepare something for dinner, and you can't just wait to upload that video to your social media platforms and watch as your friends and followers rain insults and curses on the man; little did you know that you are about to be responsible for the death of an innocent man. You brought out your iPhone, logged on and uploaded the video. And you went ahead to caption the video, "This pastor raped the girl he went to pray for". Within few minutes, the video gained millions of views and shares. Your friends and followers saw the video and shared it to their friends, their friends shared it to their friends, and so on, until it got to a copy and paste blogger, who without investigation, posted it on their blog, with even  worst caption. 

Your video has circulated. You are getting the reactions you've always wanted, and you are happy. The video was shared until it got to the falsefully accused pastor, who was already traumatized. He watched his reputation as a pastor, being completely destroyed by the trending video. "No more hope", he thought to himself. "I can't live with this shame and disgrace". "There's nothing left to live for". He took a rope and hanged himself to death.

After the destructions had been done, the truth was uncovered, as events unfold. It was later proved that it was a set up, well planned by the girl who claimed she was raped, just to tarnish the man's image and reputation. Unfortunately, she succeeded with her plans. And you, without further findings, published the false information on social media, and ended up not only helping the accuser tarnish the man's reputation, but also causing the man to commit suicide. Your action has caused the death of an innocent man. And you might not even know or find out that it was your doings that caused the man's death. 

Ps: False or unconfirmed information is very dangerous and capable of causing harm and much destructions. We should be mindful of the type of information we share online. Be sure to investigate and verify any information you see online before you believe or share them. 

Qst: Have you ever been a victim of false information, if you have, how did you feel? You can share your experiences in the comment section.


By Your Action (Way 997)

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